Standup paddle boards are inflatable because they have certain advantages over hard ones. But, if you are buying a board mainly for SUP surfing or racing then certain technical attributes of hard boards make them a touch more superior than the inflatable ones. Inflatable paddle boards have evolved over the period of time and now became normal for shopping a paddle board. Here are few of the characteristics of inflatable stand up paddle boards which make their selection worthwhile:


Quality inflatables are made from military grade materials that are not subjected to dings and holes that require expensive repairs. Inflatables generally suffer minimum or very low damage when coming into contact with rocks.

SUP’s don’t hurt

You can encounter an injury if you fall on a hard board. An inflatable hard board is much softer and causes no damage to your body if you fall on it.

Reduced fatigue

It is similar to stand on inflatable board to standing on the mats which reduce fatigue. Your feet will be more comfortable and relaxed because of reduced contact pressure.

Lighter in weight

They are used more than hard boards because they are lighter in weight and are easy to get them into the water.

Easy for travel

Inflatable paddle boards can be rolled up to fit in a bag that can be placed in the trunk of a car or checked in on an airplane for travel.

Takes less space

Hard boards generally take a lot of space while inflatable ones can be stored on a shelf, without requiring a high ceiling or taking up an entire wall for storage.

Inflated performs better

They work better than fiberglass or epoxy boards. They can be taken anywhere on flat water, small waves and even can be used in whitewater, depending on the model.