Kayak expeditions are the most memorable way to explore bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. Kayaking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the beautiful blue and white waters, sandy glittering beaches, tropical seas, and amazing water life. There are so many kayaking destinations around the globe that you are never done with exploring. Even if you think you have walked every shore, climbed every mountain, and spotted every whale or shark, there is still more of the world to explore on the water. Here are a few kayak expeditions which can provide you with some of the most amazing experiences of your life..

San Juan Island

This kayaking expedition departs from the west side of San Juan Island and travels north to the gorgeous marine parks of Stuart Island or Jones Island. Harbor seals and Dall’s porpoise and other marine mammals abound in these waters, and you are sure to encounter them along the way. Eagles live in the woods on islands nearby while seabirds feed in the currents there. The journey to your island campground passes through one of the most scenic landscapes in Washington State. The Canadian Gulf Islands rise peacefully from the sea and the remote Outer San Juan Islands beckon you onward. Once you are in camp be sure to take time to walk out to Lover’s Leap for Stuart Island’s best sunset views, or search for rare cactus plants on Jones Island as the evening light paints the Canadian sky.

This is a true expedition camping experience! Once you depart from San Juan Island you will be entirely self-sufficient, carrying all that you need in your kayaks. It should be noted that multi-day trips from San Juan Island are most physically demanding. It is recommended that you be in moderate physical condition before you embark on this adventure. You will gain quite an appreciation and understanding of the labyrinthine waterways of the San Juan Islands on this trip. Choosing a one-way itinerary allows you to cover new territory with every stroke of the paddle, unveiling new shorelines that you otherwise would be unable to explore in just one trip.

The west side of the San Juan islands has long been a popular place for sea kayaking. It is located on Haro Strait which is also the border between the United States and Canada. You will be treated to fantastic views into the Canadian Gulf Islands as you navigate your way through the wildlife-rich waters of the San Juan Islands.

The trip will also traverse the waters of the Wasp Islands Group, a cluster of nine little islands that are mostly undeveloped, supremely beautiful, and have attracted sailors and visitors for over two hundred years. Traveling through the heart of the islands allows you to be in the most protected waters of the San Juan Islands. You’ll float past beautiful historical farms and private vacation homes, and the San Juan Island ferries will often be in view as they carry islanders and visitors to their various destinations.

Next, you will enter the islands of Rosario Strait, the principle waterway in this part of the San Juan Islands. A hotbed of activity for many kinds of wildlife, with many National Wildlife Refuges. The Cypress Island Reserve stands out the most. The abundance of seals and porpoise on this side of the San Juan Islands is the likely cause for the recent explosion in numbers of Transient Orca whales here.

With a couple of days of travel, interaction with ever-changing scenery, and no reason at all to backtrack – there is a good reason why this is becoming the most popular multi-day kayaking trip.

Kayaking tour in West fjords of Iceland

This is one of the longest sea kayak trips. It is a combination of the Glacier Fjords Kayaking and Coastal Kayaking Adventures put end to end to create a truly wild adventure. See the beautiful fjords of Jökulfirðir glacial fjords in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and Ísafjarðardjúp bay. Both of these areas are considered to offer the best sea kayaking in Iceland. Numerous bird species spend the summer in the area and there is a great chance to spot whales, porpoises, dolphins and seals. You start paddling under towering cliffs, negotiating the waves and rocks which demonstrate nature’s raw power. With the passage of time you will come across rocky coves and inlets and can try your hand at surfing small waves should you encounter any.

The camp to camp aspect of this trip along with the exposure to the open ocean and long open water crossings make this journey more suited to kayakers with substantial experience under their belt. A little history, a lot of nature and plenty of sites worth seeing make this trip a memorable one. If you’re an experienced paddler and back country camper, you will have an amazing time. Spectacular scenery, waterfalls everywhere, quite a few arctic foxes, and lots of curious seals certainly makes it a trip worth doing and even repeating.

Kayaking adventure across the Colorado River

Paddle through the Martian landscape of Castle Valley in your own inflatable kayak for three, easy going days! This trip is great for those who want to up the adventure level of their Colorado River trip and aren’t afraid of a workout! A raft or two will to carry the food and camping gear, but otherwise, you’re the captain of your vessel for this trip.

Castle Valley offers scenery straight out of your favorite westerns and mostly calm waters. Your camp for two nights along beautiful beaches and you’ll have plenty of time to explore the area while your guides whip up delicious meals for you. This is the perfect, low key trip for those who are in need of a little adventure through the desert.

These kayak expeditions require you to be experienced in most cases. But, you can give it a go being a beginner as well. First aid equipment should be kept along for your safety in case you suffer an injury during the expedition.