A Kayak Pool can be a great alternative if you don’t have the time to visit the nearest bodies of water to kayak. A Kayak Pool in the house might serve the purpose of a swimming pool for those who don’t like kayaking. Many people like to enjoy the water but are also hesitant because of predators or unknowns present in some bodies of water. So, a Kayak Pool is the solution for most of the problems. But, a major question that arises here is whether anybody can afford a Kayak Pool? Of course, no is the answer.

What is a Kayak Pool?

A Kayak Pool is a type of above-ground swimming pool that you can install in your family backyard. You can even set it up yourself! The installation process is less complicated than a ground pool, not to mention, there is a huge difference in their price range.

What you can do in Kayak Pools?

You can use Kayak Pools for various purposes like swimming, kayaking, and also for relaxing leisurely.

How much will it cost to build a Kayak Pool?

If you are planning on building a swimming pool, you should have the right idea about the investment costs in such a project. Generally, a ground pool will be more costly than a Kayak Pool. They can cost up to $30k-$150k. The cost of a Kayak Pool is much cheaper than a ground swimming pool. You can divide it into three categories. The price of a kit can range from $3k to $10k. Installation price ranges from $1k $8k. With proper assistance, you can actually install a Kayak Pool yourself!

Add in the cost of decking, if you purchase any. Without decking, an average Kayak Pool can cost you from $4 to $15k. Your decking may cost more than the Kayak Pool itself, depending on the size and structure.

Benefits of Kayak Pools


Kayak Pools are undoubtedly safer for any adult or children. As they are in a higher place from the ground, the chances of accidents decrease a lot. Unlike ground pools, you won’t have to worry about falling in the pool and risking injuries.


This should be one of the most significant features of a Kayak Pool. The price! It costs way less than a ground pool. But that doesn’t mean the quality is lesser. In fact, a Kayak Pool can offer you many advantages that you won’t get with an in-ground swimming pool!


A Kayak Pool is one type of pool kit that you can set in your backyard or any other open place. Due to its flexibility, you can change the location of a Kayak Pool whenever you want!

Less Manual Labor

You don’t need to dig to build a Kayak Pool. Hence, installing a Kayak Pool needs less labor and less time as well. Don’t worry about hitting underground lines! No need to worry at all!

Low Maintenance

Starting from the pool price to maintenance, a Kayak Pool is a winner in all aspects. The yearly preservation and accessory expenses are not as much if you compare them with a ground pool. You can fill up or drain the pool depending on your needs.

Fast Set-Up

Setting up a Kayak Pool may take a few days depending on the size and structure. But the time is much less than insalling an in-ground pool. There is no digging process included, hence, the installation can be done quickly and can be used without delay.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a Kayak Pool is much easier and less time-consuming. The advanced filtration system helps to clean the water all the time.