Stand up paddle boarding is a complete therapy for both your mind and body. Although not started as a sport, it gained popularity with the passage of time and now is well recognized and is a part of various international competitions. Apart from being a sport, it has numerous benefits both physically and mentally.

How is SUP Good For You?

SUP rivala exercise in the gym helps keep you fit and strong. Big benefits of this sport are:

Cardio Exercise

It is an intense workout if you want to make it so. Your heart gets more blood when you paddle board. This will lower the changes of getting diabetes, joint problems, heart attack, and stroke.

Weight Loss

It burns a lot of calories within one hour than any other sport. Most of the intense exercises cannot compete with standup paddle boarding when it comes to burning calories. In a single hour of moving at an average pace, one can burn 340 to 400 calories. SUP racing is the most intense form of paddling and it burns more calories than most intense workouts at a gym resulting in burning calories, which ultimately causes weight loss.

Reduced Stress

Worry makes us sick in body and mind. Stress levels are normally reduced simply being near the water. When you paddle on the water surface and inhale fresh air, your stress levels are automatically reduced. Serotonin and endorphins levels are increased which reduces stress and makes you happy, which is very important for your mental health.

Increased Vitamin D Levels

Being in the sun can have relaxing and calming effects on you. Surfing in the sun is very healthy for the human body as it increases vitamin D levels. Use of the sun screen is generally recommended while being out in the sun and paddle boarding in the water.

Complete Body Workout

It is not selective to particular muscles of your body. Every muscle of the body from the neck to the toe gets involved while stand up paddle boarding. The leg muscles get involved as you have to stand in the stiff position which strengthens your core. The muscles of upper body are constantly involved while paddling through water. The core back and abdominal muscles are involved in maintaining balance which is the key while being in water. The core muscles are the most engaged in this exercise.

Is Low Intensity and Low Impact

Most of the exercises are so intense that people end up getting injured and facing severe pains. But stand up paddle boarding is gentle on the body as it is a low intensity exercise. You might end up suffering back pain because of excessive workouts at the gym, while paddle boarding is soothing to your body. It involves standing, balancing and paddling too. The chance of injury is very low as it does not subject the tendons and ligaments to severe impacts. Anybody, of any age can enjoy this exercise without the fear of getting injured.

SUP is Good For You!

Not many sports can beat stand up paddle boarding when it comes to health benefits. It is a healthy workout which does not require a lot of effort and money and in return offers you amazing benefits. From yoga to stress therapy, each and every aspect of your physical and mental health is covered with this sport.