Anything involving water cannot be completely risk free. If safe practices are not followed and the person is unaware of the techniques, it can be dangerous. You have to maintain your balance while propelling through water. For that, the still waters of lakes are generally recommended for beginners. Trying to paddle in the sea is not safe, unless you are experienced. Although, the boards are of high weight but they can easily be overturned by a strong wave.

Staying Safe While Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Here are few steps which are to be followed in order to decrease the risk involved in SUP.

Location counts

As stated earlier, the location for stand up paddle boarding counts the most. A calmer body of water such as a lake is generally recommended for beginners. You must know your skill level and capabilities while being on the board. Places that are protected from the wind and wind gusts would work best. Strong currents in the sea and mammals and sharks are obstacles while being in the sea. So, boarding in the sea is not recommended until you are more highly skilled.

Use a Leash

A leash is safety equipment used to keep you connected to your board all the time. An ankle strap is attached to the board so that it keeps you close even you are separated. This is highly recommended while boarding in the sea as a big wave can wipe you out quite easily.

Wear a Life Jacket

A personal flotation device or a life jacket should be taken alone no matter how professional you are. It can help you to get back on the board if you fall into the water and keeps you swimming for some time until you get back to your board.

Go With Other People

It is always nice to accompany a friend while going for boarding in the water because somebody must be there to help you if you get yourself in any kind of trouble. If nobody is available, do inform someone else before going out by yourself.

Stay safe while paddle boarding

It is generally a very safe sport with few incidents and you can avoid many risks by following a few simple rules. You can have a great experience if you follow the safety rules.