Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Ardèche, France, the Eyrieux River offers an exceptional setting for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. The river winds through the verdant Eyrieux valley, presenting a variety of water experiences suitable for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. The calm stretches of water allow for leisurely exploration, while some more dynamic sections challenge those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Local outfitters along the Eyrieux cater to a range of needs, providing rentals, guided tours, and even shuttle services for different lengths of excursions. They ensure a safe and enjoyable experience by offering the latest generation of insubmersible canoes and kayaks, allowing adventurers to embark on a descent down the river at their desired pace. With trips ranging from 5 kilometers to longer journeys, paddlers can allocate anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, possibly incorporating a scenic picnic break along the way.

Community clubs enhance the river experience with events and training, fostering a vibrant culture around kayak and canoe activities. The Eyrieux’s clear waters not only promise a delightful day out in nature but also encourage team-building and social gatherings. Whether it’s a family outing, a gathering among friends, or a corporate event, the river environment sets the stage for memorable aquatic adventures.

The Eyrieux River Experience

The Eyrieux River in the heart of Ardèche provides a beautiful backdrop for a variety of water activities, including kayaking and canoeing. With options for all ages and skill levels, visitors can enjoy the river’s unique blend of calm waters and gentle rapids.

River and Location Features

The Eyrieux River winds through the picturesque green Ardèche region, an area renowned for its natural beauty. The Eyrieux offers a mix of serenity and mild challenges, making it ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Its GPS location situates it near the village of Les Ollières-sur-Eyrieux, offering access to the renowned Dolce Via, an appealing path for outdoor activities.

Kayaking and Canoeing Options

Visitors have a selection of the latest generation unsinkable canoes and kayaks to choose from. Stand-up paddle boarding is also available, providing a more upright perspective of the stunning river landscape. Multiple descent options cater to different skill levels, from families with children to more experienced paddlers.

Descent and Navigation Details

The river provides a variety of descents, ranging from a swift 5 km route to longer and more leisurely paths. Participants can enjoy navigating between calm stretches and gentle rapids (rapides), experiencing the thrill of descente en canoë. Navigational expertise is not a prerequisite as there are options suitable for novices.

Planning Your Visit

For an organized experience, visitors should consider making a reservation, especially for larger groups or peak times. Rates vary with the tarifs being approximately 22€ for children under 18 and 25€ for adults. It is important to note that all kayakers and canoeists should know how to swim and that children over 7 years are welcome.

Suitable for Everyone

The Eyrieux River activities cater to a diverse clientele, including families, friends, teenagers, and colleagues on a corporate day out. Group activities can be tailored to fit the needs of visitors, making it an inclusive experience whether it’s bonding with family or team-building with coworkers.

Activities for Group Bonding

Kayaking down the Eyrieux River offers a refreshing and dynamic way to enhance team cohesion and enjoy a day out in nature. These activities cater to corporate teams, family groups, and friends, with options for customizing the trip length and including added amenities like picnics.

Team Kayaking

Team kayaking is an excellent way for colleagues to work together and strengthen their team dynamic. The Eyrieux river provides various descents, typically ranging from 1h30 to 3 hours, making it suitable for team-building exercises. Working in unison, teams navigate the challenges of the river, fostering communication and collaboration among participants.

Corporate and Group Events

Corporate and group events can benefit from a day of kayaking, which can be an integral part of a corporate séminaire or a day out. The latest generation of unsinkable canoes ensures safety and enjoyment. Groups can choose the length of their descent according to their schedule and team’s ability, creating a memorable experience that emphasizes shared success and achievement.

Family and Friends Outings

For families and friends, a kayak trip down the Eyrieux can be a leisurely day out or an adventurous journey. The serene environment makes it an ideal backdrop for bonding and creating lasting memories. Optional features like a picnic on the riverbanks can be included, providing a complete outdoor experience that caters to all ages and preferences.

Practical Information

This section provides essential details on engaging in a kayaking adventure on the Eyrieux river. It covers all aspects from safety protocols to payment options, ensuring a well-informed and enjoyable experience.

Safety and Equipment

For safety on the Eyrieux, kayakers are advised to use the latest generation of unsinkable kayaks. These provide additional security and peace of mind. It’s essential that all participants wear life jackets and have the proper safety gear, including helmets. Minimum age and health requirements are strictly enforced for the safety of all river-goers.

Booking and Prices

Advance réservations are highly recommended to secure a spot, especially during peak seasons. Kayakers can book solo or group trips, with tarifs varying by the duration and type of excursion. For up-to-date rates, potential visitors should contact the service providers directly through their official channels.

Access and Facilities

Visitors can access the kayaking starting points via GPS location services, offered as part of the local operators' services. The areas are equipped with facilities including parking and restrooms. Services may differ by location, therefore it’s advised to check with the provider. Most locations welcome pets, ensuring that guests can enjoy their paddle alongside their furry companions.

Payment Options

Kayaking operators in the Eyrieux area accept various means of payment, including cash and check. It’s prudent to confirm payment methods prior to booking as this may vary between service providers. Providing multiple payment options reflects the operators' commitment to accommodating a wide range of visitors' needs.

Exploring Beyond Paddling

The Eyrieux River in Ardèche is not only an excellent destination for kayaking and canoeing but also offers a variety of other leisure activities and places to visit, making it an enriching experience off the water as well.

Other Recreational Activities

Dolce Via: A highlight for visitors is the Dolce Via, a 90km-long scenic path that follows an old railway line. Ideal for both cycling and walking, the route provides panoramic views of the Eyrieux valley. The trail offers numerous activity options, from a gentle stroll to a full-day bike excursion.

Stand-Up Paddle: Apart from canoeing, the calm waters of the Eyrieux River are perfect for stand-up paddleboarding—an increasingly popular activity that can be enjoyed solo or with family and friends.

Toboggan: For those seeking a thrill, seasonal toboggan runs add a splash of adrenaline. These attractions typically open in spring (le printemps), offering a fun and exciting way to cool down.

Local Attractions and Eateries

Historical Sites: The Rhône-Alpes region is steeped in history, presenting opportunities to explore medieval towns and ancient ruins. The proximity to the Rhône River also adds options to visit vineyards and sample the local gastronomy.

Eateries: After a day of activities, visitors can enjoy local cuisine at various restaurants dotting the region. Serving traditional French dishes and regional specialties, these eateries cater to a variety of tastes and provide the perfect setting to relax and mingle with the locals.

The combination of outdoor recreation and rich cultural experiences makes the Eyrieux River area an appealing destination for those looking to extend their adventure beyond paddling.


Kayaking and canoeing along the Eyrieux River offer adventure-seekers and families an opportunity to engage with nature through water-based activities. The river, with its various sections accommodating different skill levels, presents a vibrant ecosystem for paddlers. Clubs, such as the Eyrieux Canoë Kayak, provide a structured gateway to these activities, ensuring participants receive the necessary guidance and support.

The Eyrieux region has routes that cater to both beginners and experienced kayakers. During the high water levels, particularly after storms, the river’s fast currents and rapids become a playground for thrill-seekers. However, in quieter conditions, it becomes an ideal spot for families and those seeking a leisurely paddle.

Safety is paramount on the Eyrieux, as conditions can change rapidly. Outfitters and local clubs emphasize this aspect, offering updated information and safety equipment. They also play a pivotal role in preserving the river’s integrity by promoting eco-conscious practices.

Lastly, the synergy between the river’s natural allure and the structured offerings of local clubs makes Eyrieux an exceptional choice for paddling enthusiasts. Whether one is drawn by the peaceful stretches of water or the adrenaline-pumping rapids, the destination serves as a reminder of the timeless charm of river kayaking and canoeing.